Deliver the highest quality by creating an inspiring environment where everybody loves to work. Maximizing customer value through the highest level of cooperation and coordination



Our company culture is based on sophisticated work ethics, transparency, mutual respect, and the ability to learn and inspire. We believe quality springs from passion for work



Hundreds of years of software engineering experience in an international work environment. The highest-rated engineers and professionals contribute to our projects, business and work processes

Quality over quantity

For customers: pragmatism - high industrial standards - balance between creativity and well-defined processes - expert quality assurance - excellent communication and implementation

For professionals: best work environment - evolution and learning via constant challenges - freedom for your creativity - idea-driven solutions - best results by loving your work

We provide: Solution

Our focus is on finding and delivering the ultimate solution for customer's needs regardless of how extraordinary it is. We believe in innovation, pioneering technology and smart thinking.

We do:

  • Enterprise software engineering: e-commerce, large scale computing, healthcare application design and development
  • Big Data: distributed, real-time processing, analysis and search
  • Cloud computing: migration of existing systems to cloud, providing cost effective solutions including design and architecture
  • Internet of Things and Mobile
  • Quality assurance
  • Consulting
  • and more...

We don’t just work. We create.

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    6722 Tisza L. Krt. 63. SZEGED HUNGARY